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When you have an injury or chronic pain from an underlying medical condition, over-the-counter medications and ice or heat might not be enough to relieve your symptoms. If you’ve had trouble finding effective relief, physical therapy might offer a good solution. At Spence Chiropractic Center, Dr. Christopher Spence provides physical therapy for patients in San Diego, California, who have ongoing pain.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that involves doing exercises that make your muscles stronger. These exercises also improve your range of motion, which helps reduce your risk of having pain come back. Dr. Spence teaches you how to do certain exercises that will benefit you the most depending on your condition.

Why should I consider physical therapy?

Physical therapy can provide you with effective relief for pain and other symptoms from an injury. This type of treatment also helps ensure that your injury heals correctly, which lowers your risk of dealing with ongoing problems from it, such as chronic pain or a limited range of motion.

When you go through physical therapy with Dr. Spence, you learn stretches and other exercises that keep your joints flexible and your muscles strong.

What should I expect during physical therapy?

During your physical therapy sessions, Dr. Spence guides you through different exercises that target certain parts of your body.

The exercises you do depends on the injury you have and which parts of your body it affects. You might experience mild discomfort during physical therapy as you stretch different parts of your body, but you won’t feel any serious pain.

Keep in mind that you should wear loose-fitting clothing that allows your joints to move without restriction.

How long will my physical therapy sessions be?

It depends on how severe your injury is and how much pain you’re in. Dr. Spence will let you know how long your sessions will be, so you’ll know how long you’ll be there. In general, physical therapy sessions tend to last for 30 or 60 minutes.

How long do I need to do physical therapy?

The length of time you’ll need to go through physical therapy depends on several factors, such as how extensive your injury is and how much progress you’re making.

There’s no set number of sessions for you to go through. Instead, Dr. Spence keeps track of your progress and let you know when you’ll be able to stop doing physical therapy.

If you need physical therapy in San Diego, please contact Spence Chiropractic Center to make an appointment with Dr. Spence.


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