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Neck Pain Specialist

Spence Chiropractic Center

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Having neck pain can make everyday tasks and activities, such as driving or using your phone or tablet, a challenge. This pain can end up getting worse when you don’t seek treatment for it. If you have neck pain, you can get the care you need at Spence Chiropractic Center in San Diego, California. Dr. Christopher Spence offers chiropractic care and physical therapy for patients with neck pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

What are the signs of neck pain?

When you have neck pain, you might feel it as pain that affects one side of your neck, especially if you pulled a muscle or have a similar injury. However, it’s also possible to have more widespread neck pain that feels more like a mild ache all over.

Your neck pain might get worse when you do certain movements, such as turning your head or leaning your head down.

Why do I have neck pain?

You can develop neck pain over an extended period from overuse or wear and tear. You can also get it suddenly if you have an acute injury, such as if you’ve been in an auto accident.

Some common causes of neck pain include the following:

  • Tilting your head down to use phones, tablets, laptops, or computers
  • Having a herniated disc or other injury in the upper part of your spine
  • Having arthritis or another condition that causes joint inflammation

How is neck pain diagnosed?

When you see Dr. Spence for neck pain, he does a physical exam that helps him assess your condition’s severity. He also checks to see if your neck pain limits your range of motion.

If he needs additional information about your neck pain, he might order an imaging test, such as an MRI, which helps him determine what’s causing your condition.

When he makes a diagnosis, he also works on a treatment plan to help you find pain relief.

How does chiropractic care help neck pain?

Chiropractic adjustments focus on ensuring that the entire length of your spine is aligned correctly. Since your upper spine affects the nerves in your neck, having this part adjusted helps ease pain and stiffness.

When Dr. Spence adjusts your spine, it also allows nutrients and oxygen to get to damaged areas and help them heal.

How can physical therapy help neck pain?

Dr. Spence might suggest doing physical therapy for neck pain in combination with spinal adjustments. Physical therapy helps you make the muscles in your neck stronger and keeps this joint more flexible. As a result, that eases neck pain and reduces your risk of having it flare up again.

If you need treatment for neck pain, please contact Spence Chiropractic Center to set up an appointment with Dr. Spence.